ONEforest at IUFRO Congress in Stockholm 2024

ONEforest partners actively participated in various sessions, talks, and networking events to present their findings at the IUFRO congress. From June 23-29, 2024, Stockholm, Sweden, became the global hub for forest research and knowledge exchange. The 26th IUFRO World Congress, themed "Forests and Society towards 2050," attracted over 4,000 participants from 115 countries, making it the largest forest science event worldwide.

This global event facilitated a truly interdisciplinary and integrative exchange among science, practice, business, policy, civil society, and media. The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) contributed significantly, particularly in the session “Perceptions-Awareness-Choice: How Forest Bioeconomy Becomes a Reality.” During this session, SLU presented "Future Pathway of Forest Ecosystem Services: A Stakeholder Analysis in Four European Regions," showcasing ONEforest's findings and lessons learned.

Additionally, Camilla Widmark from SLU participated in a panel discussion on bioeconomy perceptions. She also conducted an interview where she explained the ONEforest project and Forest Ecosystem Services, revealing surprises from the research and discussing the transferability of their work. Read and watch the interview here!