ONEforest offers A Multi-Criteria Decision Support System For A Common Forest Management to Strengthen Forest Resilience, Harmonise Stakeholder Interests and Ensure Sustainable Wood Flows.

ONEforest will provide solutions for harmonizing various Forest Ecosystem Services. Thus, forest owners will be able to assess which way of forest management is advantageous for their objectives under current and future ecological and economic conditions.


Latest news


Revealing the Influence of Top-Soil-Cover on Slope Stability and Erosion: Insights from the ONEforest Master's Thesis

In her Master's Thesis, titled "Investigation of the impact of a Top-Soil-Cover on the erosion characteristics and the stabilisation potential on slopes and forest soils," Stefanie Radinger, a colleague from the Graz University of Technology, delved into the significance of the ONEforest project.


Unveiling the Role of Tomato Planting in the ONEforest Project

Yes, you read correctly. We are indeed planting tomatoes in ONEforest.

Our partners at the University of Trento's Polymer and Composites Laboratory have initiated an exciting new research endeavor as part of the ONEforest project, focusing on the investigation of topsoil cover. Specifically, they have chosen to conduct experiments using tomato plants. The primary objective is to explore the impact of their newly developed bio-based products on plant growth in agricultural applications.


Significant Advances Made in the Mediterranean Pilot 

The ONEforest team dedicated to "Silviculture and management of Mediterranean forests" recently conducted its 8th formal meeting to discuss the overall progress of tasks and deliverables, as well as the work plan for the upcoming weeks.