ONEforest offers A Multi-Criteria Decision Support System For A Common Forest Management to Strengthen Forest Resilience, Harmonise Stakeholder Interests and Ensure Sustainable Wood Flows.

ONEforest will provide solutions for harmonizing various Forest Ecosystem Services. Thus, forest owners will be able to assess which way of forest management is advantageous for their objectives under current and future ecological and economic conditions.


Latest news


This will be the abstract presented by Alessandro Sorze, Andrea Dorigato, Giulia Fredi, Alessandro Pegoretti from University of Trento at the coming events Milan Polymer Days 2022 (MIPOL), and the  European Polymer Congress 2022. Both events are taking place in June.


On 13 June, Alessandro Sorze, Giulia Fredi, Andrea Dorigato, and Alessandro Pegoretti, PhDs students at the Laboratory of the Department of Industrial Engineering (University of Trento), presented their research on the ONEforest project at the event “PHDII – let’s restart together”, organized by this department. The University of Trento is a partner of the consortium of the ONEforest project.


The ONEforest project landed in USA this May. Why? To be presented at the 2022 Short Rotation Woody Crops International Conference in Asheville (North Carolina, USA) by EULS.