ONEforest offers A Multi-Criteria Decision Support System For A Common Forest Management to Strengthen Forest Resilience, Harmonise Stakeholder Interests and Ensure Sustainable Wood Flows.

ONEforest will provide solutions for harmonizing various Forest Ecosystem Services. Thus, forest owners will be able to assess which way of forest management is advantageous for their objectives under current and future ecological and economic conditions.


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The University of Freiburg, together with Hessen Forst and Forstbetrieb Kaffenberger, conducted a field study in Hesse, one of the designated Case Study Regions under the ONEforest initiative. The focal point of the research was the forest district Homberg, home to a 95-year-old woodland predominantly featuring European beech (Fagus silvatica). This ancient stand also boasted a diverse mix of ash (Fraxinus excelsior), oak (Quercus spp.), sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus), European larch (Larix decidua), and spruce (Picea abies).


ONEforest Partners Forge Collaborative Ties with Castilla y León Administration to Drive Forestry Innovations

In ONEforest, we recognize the paramount importance of sharing experiences and knowledge with various stakeholders, including governmental administrations, fellow projects, and initiatives. Our partners seize every opportunity to foster the exchange of valuable insights and innovations cultivated through ONEforest's endeavors.


ONEforest at SwissForestLab Science Day


On October 6, the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow, and Landscape Research WSL, in partnership with the University of Ljubljana (ULJ), presented a compelling poster at the SwissForestLab Science Day. The poster, titled "Managing Alpine Forests with Close-to-Nature Forestry for Climate Mitigation and Multifunctionality," encapsulated the findings of the Alpine Case Study Region. This research has important implications for the sustainable management of forests in the face of climate change.