ONEforest Featured in Prestigious Echos d’Ecofor

The distinguished French publication Echos d’Ecofor, created by the Public Interest Group (GIP) Ecofor (Forest Ecosystems), has recently featured the groundbreaking ONEforest project in its latest issue. This article, authored by partners at the Technical University of Applied Sciences of Rosenheim, delves into how the ONEforest project is actively addressing the formidable challenges confronting European forests, driven by climate change and societal needs.


ONEforest Newsletter #5 is out!

The holiday season is upon us, and at ONEforest, we're thrilled to unwrap a special gift just for you – our latest newsletter! Within its digital pages, we're excited to share a glimpse into the innovative strides we've taken in the realm of forestry. Let's take a stroll through the highlights of our most recent developments, such as the wood quality assessment across our Case Studies, organisation of a workshop in the Mediterranean Case Study Ragion and a mechanized harvesting study in the Hesse one, the creation of bridges for effective forestry policies in Spain, new webinars and videos recorded, and more!

Read it here.


ONEforest at Estonia's Forestry Conference

On December 1st, the findings of ONEforest Estonian studies took center stage at the prestigious National Annual Forestry Conference, themed "From Forest Science to Practice 2023," held in Tartu, Estonia. The research, spearheaded by Tea Tullus and Reimo Lutter from the Estonian University of Life Science, focused on critical aspects of forest ecology within the framework of the ONEforest project.


Mechanized Harvesting in Hesse’s ONEforest pilot  

The University of Freiburg, together with Hessen Forst and Forstbetrieb Kaffenberger, conducted a field study in Hesse, one of the designated Case Study Regions under the ONEforest initiative. The focal point of the research was the forest district Homberg, home to a 95-year-old woodland predominantly featuring European beech (Fagus silvatica). This ancient stand also boasted a diverse mix of ash (Fraxinus excelsior), oak (Quercus spp.), sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus), European larch (Larix decidua), and spruce (Picea abies).


ONEforest Partners Forge Collaborative Ties with Castilla y León Administration to Drive Forestry Innovations

In ONEforest, we recognize the paramount importance of sharing experiences and knowledge with various stakeholders, including governmental administrations, fellow projects, and initiatives. Our partners seize every opportunity to foster the exchange of valuable insights and innovations cultivated through ONEforest's endeavors.


ONEforest at SwissForestLab Science Day


On October 6, the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow, and Landscape Research WSL, in partnership with the University of Ljubljana (ULJ), presented a compelling poster at the SwissForestLab Science Day. The poster, titled "Managing Alpine Forests with Close-to-Nature Forestry for Climate Mitigation and Multifunctionality," encapsulated the findings of the Alpine Case Study Region. This research has important implications for the sustainable management of forests in the face of climate change.


Survey on Battery-Powered Chainsaw Usage in Forestry

Participate in our survey to support the Oneforest project's research on the use of battery-powered chainsaws in forestry. Your insights will help us gain a deeper understanding of the motivations behind their use, or lack thereof, and drive advancements in this field. The survey is active from October to November 2023 and seeks participation from Germany, Switzerland, Spain, and Estonia.

Survey Goals:

1. Understand the reasons behind the choice to use or not use battery-powered chainsaws.

2. Identify specific applications in forestry where battery-powered chainsaws excel or face challenges, considering factors like tree species, BHD (tree diameter), terrain conditions, and more.


Forest Management in the Digital Age: Insights from the Forestry Study Days

The Forestry Study Days: Forest management models and the digital future of forestry which took place between September 28 and 29, served as a pivotal platform for the University of Ljubljana's presentation of ONEforest, a groundbreaking initiative. Focused on forest management models and the digital future of forestry, this event underscored the promising advancements in the field.


Enhancing Mediterranean Forests: Close-to-Nature Management's Impact on Growth and Moisture


Workshop: Defining future scenarios for decision-making process

In September, ONEforest hosted a Scenario Development Workshop in Catalonia, a vital component of the Mediterranean Case Study Region. Collaborating closely with stakeholders from the public and private sectors, as well as academia, this workshop, organised by CTFC, marked a significant milestone in the progress of the project.