Survey on Battery-Powered Chainsaw Usage in Forestry

Participate in our survey to support the Oneforest project's research on the use of battery-powered chainsaws in forestry. Your insights will help us gain a deeper understanding of the motivations behind their use, or lack thereof, and drive advancements in this field. The survey is active from October to November 2023 and seeks participation from Germany, Switzerland, Spain, and Estonia.

Survey Goals:

1. Understand the reasons behind the choice to use or not use battery-powered chainsaws.

2. Identify specific applications in forestry where battery-powered chainsaws excel or face challenges, considering factors like tree species, BHD (tree diameter), terrain conditions, and more.

3. Explore opportunities to enhance education, training, and work methods in the forestry industry.

4. Assess the potential impact of battery-powered chainsaws on various aspects, including the environment, ergonomics, and the economy.

This survey is intended for forestry schools, and we encourage forestry enterprises and forest engineers to participate.

The questionnaire is not anonymized, but it does not include personal data in the evaluation. Your personal information will only be used for inquiries and potential future contact. All survey responses and data will be treated anonymously.

Your participation is vital in shaping the future of battery-powered chainsaws in forestry. Help us advance sustainable and efficient practices in this industry by sharing your valuable insights.

This survey will assist ONEforest partners in making good progress in the actions related to forest operations and the revitalization of degraded forests.