Workshop: Defining future scenarios for decision-making process

In September, ONEforest hosted a Scenario Development Workshop in Catalonia, a vital component of the Mediterranean Case Study Region. Collaborating closely with stakeholders from the public and private sectors, as well as academia, this workshop, organised by CTFC, marked a significant milestone in the progress of the project.

The primary objective of this workshop was to harness the collective wisdom of stakeholders to discern the critical factors and driving forces that will shape the future of our forests. These insights are invaluable in facilitating informed decision-making processes concerning forest ecosystem services, which have far-reaching implications for both our environment and society.

Various factors that have implications for forestry sectors were presented, each category with several drivers.

In-depth discussions ensued, drawing upon the local context and the broader sectoral landscape to pinpoint the most influential among them. Stakeholders then embarked on the intricate task of crafting and dissecting three distinct future scenarios for each factor, extending their implications up to the year 2050.

Beyond envisioning these scenarios, the workshop also facilitated a candid exploration of the hurdles and challenges confronting the Catalonia industry today, as well as those on the horizon for 2050. This forward-looking approach not only equips us with a more profound understanding of the potential obstacles but also empowers us to devise proactive strategies to surmount them.

In summary, the Scenario Development Workshop in Catalonia represented a dynamic collaboration among stakeholders, culminating in the creation of multifaceted future scenarios. These scenarios, rich in diverse trajectories, will serve as invaluable tools for steering the course of forest management and ecosystem services toward a sustainable and prosperous future.