Forest Management in the Digital Age: Insights from the Forestry Study Days

The Forestry Study Days: Forest management models and the digital future of forestry which took place between September 28 and 29, served as a pivotal platform for the University of Ljubljana's presentation of ONEforest, a groundbreaking initiative. Focused on forest management models and the digital future of forestry, this event underscored the promising advancements in the field.

During this event, the University of Ljubljana seized the opportunity to showcase the findings from their extensive research within the Alpine forests Case Study regions. The key highlight of this presentation was the Multi-Criteria Decision Support System (MCDSS), which has been instrumental in enhancing forest management.

The event facilitated a comprehensive discussion on the current challenges and experiences concerning the utilization of models and various digital tools in forest management. This exchange of knowledge encompassed both the local context in Slovenia and international perspectives. It became evident that modern digital tools are gaining widespread recognition and are being increasingly adopted in forestry practices.

Furthermore, the event marked the announcement of forthcoming digitalization measures in the development of tools by the Slovenian Forest Service. These advancements are set to revolutionize the way forests are managed, enhancing efficiency and sustainability.

In summary, the Forestry Study Days provided a crucial platform for the University of Ljubljana to introduce ONEforest and discuss the future of digital tools in forest management.