Forest Management in the Digital Age: Insights from the Forestry Study Days

The Forestry Study Days: Forest management models and the digital future of forestry which took place between September 28 and 29, served as a pivotal platform for the University of Ljubljana's presentation of ONEforest, a groundbreaking initiative. Focused on forest management models and the digital future of forestry, this event underscored the promising advancements in the field.


Evaluating Forest Fire and Drought Risk by CESEFOR

As citizens, it's important  to understand the challenges our forests face and the efforts being made to mitigate them. In this post, we dive into the remarkable work conducted by CESEFOR as part of the ONEforest project. Their research focuses on assessing forest vulnerability to fires and droughts, shedding light on crucial indicators and vulnerability maps. Let's explore their findings and their potential impact on our forests.