On 4 April, ONEforest participated in the Conference "The Future of Forestry in Estonia in Changing Climatic Conditions", organised by the OÜ Eesti Metsataim and Estonian University of Life Sciences, in Tartu (Estonia).

The conference aimed at addressing the future of silviculture in Estonia in the condition of climate changes while giving an overview of new silviculture methods and techniques.

Partners from the Estonian University of Life Sciences (EULS) and the University of Tartu participate as representatives of the ONEforest project. Reimo Lutter, PhD from EULS, presented the newest results from Sweden, under the title “Swedish silviculture for climate change mitigation”. The preliminary results from this scenario could be very helpful to transfer knowledge in Estonian forestry towards changing climatic conditions.

All presentations gave an overview of new silviculture methods and techniques and possibilities of how could Estonian forestry survive in the conditions of climate change.