ONEforest Final Conference Convenes EU Forestry Networks in a Milestone Event

On April 18-19, the ONEforest project will reach a significant milestone with its Final Conference, titled "INNOVAForONE: Innovations in Forestry and Synergies between EU Networks." This landmark event, organised by Cesefor, will be held in Valladolid (Spain) and online, providing a unique occasion to bring together diverse European forestry networks.

The ONEforest Final Conference will thoroughly explore and celebrate the project's accomplishments, with a particular focus on its groundbreaking contributions to the Multicriteria Decision Support System, accessible to all actors in the forest-wood value chain worldwide. Furthermore, the conference will spotlight the innovative developments in the European forestry sector under the Horizon Europe Program, with the active participation of key European networks dedicated to forestry.

The event will be inaugurated by representatives of the Junta de Castilla y León and will feature participation from representatives of the forestry section of the Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development (European Commission), who will shed light on the financial prospects within the forestry sector, along with representatives from FAO and other European ministries. The forum promises an opportunity for collaboration and knowledge exchange, designed for the academic forestry community, forestry professionals, technology experts, researchers, private forest owners, public managers, entrepreneurs, and NGOs across the EU.

At the heart of the conference agenda lies a diverse array of European Forestry Networking initiatives, aligned with various Horizon projects. Notable entities such as European Forestry Institute (EFI), ERIAFF Network, Mediterranean Model Forest Network, Bioregions Facility, and Innovawood Network will share insights into their action plans, highlighting their role in fostering forest innovation and stakeholder synergies. Additionally, related EU-funded projects including RESONATE, EUFORE, Forest4EU, and SMURF will present their innovations and expertise.

The conference program will be further enriched by engaging poster sessions, providing a vibrant platform for projects and networks to showcase their findings, best practices, and to facilitate valuable connections.

The day will culminate with two roundtable discussions. One will be international, dedicated to innovation, charting a course for future actions, and outlining the sector's trajectory. The other will focus on forest policy among significant Spanish actors, aiming to deliver a clear message to the European Commission that can be used as a basis for reflection within the networks participating in the event.

Anyone interested in attending either in person or online can do so by submitting a prior invitation request to the organizers.

Invitation requests to:

Raquel Castán raquel.castan@cesefor.com Riccardo Castellini riccardo.castellini@cesefor.com

Check out the press release and the agenda of the ONEforest Conference.