ONEforest Final Conference Convenes EU Forestry Networks in a Milestone Event

On April 18-19, the ONEforest project will reach a significant milestone with its Final Conference, titled "INNOVAForONE: Innovations in Forestry and Synergies between EU Networks." This landmark event, organised by Cesefor, will be held in Valladolid (Spain) and online, providing a unique occasion to bring together diverse European forestry networks.


Enhancing Mediterranean Forests: Close-to-Nature Management's Impact on Growth and Moisture


Evaluating Forest Fire and Drought Risk by CESEFOR

As citizens, it's important  to understand the challenges our forests face and the efforts being made to mitigate them. In this post, we dive into the remarkable work conducted by CESEFOR as part of the ONEforest project. Their research focuses on assessing forest vulnerability to fires and droughts, shedding light on crucial indicators and vulnerability maps. Let's explore their findings and their potential impact on our forests.


Unveiling the Role of Tomato Planting in the ONEforest Project

Yes, you read correctly. We are indeed planting tomatoes in ONEforest.

Our partners at the University of Trento's Polymer and Composites Laboratory have initiated an exciting new research endeavor as part of the ONEforest project, focusing on the investigation of topsoil cover. Specifically, they have chosen to conduct experiments using tomato plants. The primary objective is to explore the impact of their newly developed bio-based products on plant growth in agricultural applications.


First milestones in the development of the decision support system

Initial progress was made in the development of the targeted Within the Multi-Criteria Decision Support System (MCDSS). In an exchange with the project partners, a basic mathematical model could be agreed upon.


Biodegradable materials as soil conditioner to favour plant growth

The University of Trento, a partner of ONEforest, is contributing with its experience and knowledge in the field of material science available to develop and produce a biodegradable composite material that is aimed for the protection and sustain of plants. This material should be used as a topsoil coating or a soil conditioner.


ONEforest presented in the annual Estonian forestry conference

On 26 November, the Estonian University of Life Sciences organised a conference "From Forest Science to Practice" dedicated to the 100th birthday of Järvselja Study and Experimental Forest, and ONEforest project was presented.

The annual Estonian forestry conference is very popular because it deals with current problems and give overwiew about new developments in Estonian forestry.


Virtual Kick Off Meeting of ONEforest project   

Between 17-18 of June, the ONEforest consortium officially started its activities with a General Assembly hosted by Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences (Germany) in a virtual Kick-Off Meeting.

The opening session counted with the welcome of the Research Executive Agency’s Head of Unit, Francisco Javier Peinado Lebrerom, and the European Project Officer, Nicolas Faivre.

In total, experts from the 19 European entities participating in this international research effort met during two days in different virtual sessions in order to define the demonstration activities that will be run by the project during the next three years.