PhDs from Trento presented their first research on ONEforest 

On 13 June, Alessandro Sorze, PhDs student at the Laboratory of the Department of Industrial Engineering (University of Trento), presented their research on the ONEforest project at the event “PHDII – let’s restart together”, organized by this department. The University of Trento is a partner of the consortium of the ONEforest project.

The PhDs presented their work focused on top-soil cover (TSC) and ground-soil cover(GSC) engineering and planting. They are developing GSC based on biopolymer Xanthan gum (X) dissolved in water and mixed with wood fibers (W) and TSC based on xanthan gum, crosslinked with citric acid and wood fibers.

So far, conclusions obtained indicate that soil treated with the developed bio-composites showed better soil-water characteristics and mechanical consistency. Besides, practical applications in the lab showed an increase in the resistance of the plants in the case of modified soils.

Download the poster here