Enhancing Mediterranean Forests: Close-to-Nature Management's Impact on Growth and Moisture


ONEforest study reveals positive impacts on tree growth and soil moisture in Catalonia's mixed forests

In response to the escalating frequency of drought events, ONEforest researchers have been investigating innovative approaches to enhance forest adaptability while safeguarding vital resources like soil moisture. A recent study titled "Close-to-nature management effects on tree growth and soil moisture in Mediterranean mixed forests," conducted by researchers from  CTFC and CESEFOR, sheds light on the potential of close-to-nature forest management to promote resilient ecosystems.


ONEforest Case Study Regions on a good track

The success of future silvicultural management and forest operations depends on an exchange of experiences and activation of knowledge between the different regions, and that is why in ONEforest we work in four regions - following Europe’s biogeographical regions, which are Mediterranean forests, Alpine forests, Continental forests and Boreal/ Hemi-boreal forests. Through them, the project studies forest ecosystem services and their corresponding value to stakeholders. Let's find out the current status of these Case Study Regions (CSRs) after the first year of the project.  


Progress on the Mediterranean pine experimental site (video)

On 20th July, CESEFOR partner established two plots in Cañón del Río Lobos. This is part of one action of the work package “Silviculture and management of Mediterranean forests”  from ONEforest for a European study to evaluate the effect of different management schedules on the water balance of Pinus nigra stands.

Different sites were evaluated to determine the most representative Pinus nigra stands in the area. One of the plots was established as control, without forest management intervention in the last 30 years and another one was established in a site managed in the last 15 years.

This is a Mediterranean pine experimental site that will be part of a European network with plots in Catalonia, Slovenia, and Italy.