Highlights of the Successful ONEforest Final Conference: Access Recordings and Materials Now

Whether or not you attended the ONEforest Final Conference in April, you can now access the recorded videos, presentations, and posters from the various sessions.

The ONEforest Final Conference was a remarkable success. Held over two days, it featured two poster sessions and involved 5 EU Forestry Networking initiatives and 5 EU-funded projects. The conference hosted over 25 speakers and showcased more than 50 posters.


ONEforest Newsletter #5 is out!

The holiday season is upon us, and at ONEforest, we're thrilled to unwrap a special gift just for you – our latest newsletter! Within its digital pages, we're excited to share a glimpse into the innovative strides we've taken in the realm of forestry. Let's take a stroll through the highlights of our most recent developments, such as the wood quality assessment across our Case Studies, organisation of a workshop in the Mediterranean Case Study Ragion and a mechanized harvesting study in the Hesse one, the creation of bridges for effective forestry policies in Spain, new webinars and videos recorded, and more!

Read it here.


ONEforest met in Göttingen

Between 27th  February and 1st March, the ONEforest consortium celebrated its 1st General Assembly of 2023 hosted by our partner University of Göttingen (Germany).


First General Assembly Meeting in 2022

Between 16 – 17 February the ONEforest consortium hosted the first General Assembly Meeting of 2022 in an online format to discuss the progress and developments carried out so far.  

At first this event should have taken place in Solsona (Spain) – in the CTFC facilities - but due to COVID-19 restrictions, it was online instead. So, the scheduled Field Trip to the Case Study Region in  Catalonia -Pinus nigra forests management and harvesting operations- could not take place. However, CTFC partners showed this pilot virtually.