Between 16 – 17 February the ONEforest consortium hosted the first General Assembly Meeting of 2022 in an online format to discuss the progress and developments carried out so far.  

At first this event should have taken place in Solsona (Spain) – in the CTFC facilities - but due to COVID-19 restrictions, it was online instead. So, the scheduled Field Trip to the Case Study Region in  Catalonia -Pinus nigra forests management and harvesting operations- could not take place. However, CTFC partners showed this pilot virtually.

This event was an opportunity to highlight the work carried out so far in the work packages and jointly discuss the challenges and improvements needed in some issues.

Some special workshops were organised on different project topics with special importance on the Multi-Criteria Decision Support System (MCDSS).

The MCDSS provides information to stakeholders on the FWVC based on a combination of objectives and quantified impacts. The aimed solutions will harmonise the interests of all stakeholders by assuming a virtual superior decision-maker who is optimising an overall objective (sum of all stakeholder objectives). The MCDSS serves to achieve resilient forest production systems, widely common management, and shared knowledge about individual decisions’ contribution to meet relevant SDGs. Actors will be empowered to understand the far-reaching consequences of their decisions in a multi-criteria decision-making environment.