ONEforest at Estonia's Forestry Conference

On December 1st, the findings of ONEforest Estonian studies took center stage at the prestigious National Annual Forestry Conference, themed "From Forest Science to Practice 2023," held in Tartu, Estonia. The research, spearheaded by Tea Tullus and Reimo Lutter from the Estonian University of Life Science, focused on critical aspects of forest ecology within the framework of the ONEforest project.

Tea Tullus delved into the intricate dynamics of "Biodiversity in Pine Forests Managed with Shelterwood Cuttings," while Reimo Lutter shed light on the correlation between "Soil Carbon, Soil Fungi, and Vegetation in Silver Birch Plantations." Both studies presented compelling evidence, emphasizing the sustainability of forest management practices.

Key takeaways from the sessions included the revelation that the utilization of the shelterwood cutting system in pine forests poses no threat to biodiversity. Additionally, the rapid growth of silver birch plantations in Estonia was highlighted, showcasing their significant carbon sequestration capacity without compromising biodiversity or soil conditions.

The ONEforest project, as showcased in the Roll-up exhibition area, attracted participants eager to delve deeper into the research. The project's results generated considerable interest among not only scientists but also within the forest industry. Stakeholders keenly explored the implications of these findings, especially in the context of evolving forest management scenarios under the influence of climate change. The ONEforest initiative emerges as a beacon, illuminating pathways toward sustainable and resilient forest ecosystems.

The annual Estonian forestry conference enjoys widespread popularity due to its focus on addressing contemporary challenges and showcasing the outcomes of recent forestry research conducted in Estonia.