First webinar of the "Exploring Forest Resilience" 

ONEforest & RESONATE projects have joined forces to organize the webinar series "Exploring Forest Resilience", which is an open science initiative to share knowledge and connect researchers. In each webinar researchers of both projects will give a pitch focused on a own research. 

In this first webinar, Marju Kaivapalu (ONEforest) addresses "The uptake of heavy metals in hybrid aspen plantations" and Laura Nikinmaa (Resonate) presents "Enhancing the resilience of European forests - from concept to forest management application".

Let's explore forest resilience with ONEforest & RESONATE researchers!

Watch the webinar #1 here: https://youtu.be/YffItsHvZp4





Partners of the Alpine Case Study Region met

Between 8-10 May, the meeting of the work package group on “Silviculture and management of Alpine forests” took place in Davos (Switzerland). Fourteen partners from WSL, University of Ljubljana, Libera Universita Di Bolzano, University of Gottingen, Estonian University of Life Science, and Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences attended and discussed the project work and discovered the Alpine case study region.


Paper: Timber strength variation due to establishment density — can grading cope with it?

Our partners from the Technical University of Munich have published the scientific publication (non-open access) “Timber strength variation due to establishment density — can grading cope with it?” in the Forestry Journal.

This paper is connected to the ONEforest work package "Requirements of the stakeholders and societal demands". 


First General Assembly Meeting in 2022

Between 16 – 17 February the ONEforest consortium hosted the first General Assembly Meeting of 2022 in an online format to discuss the progress and developments carried out so far.  

At first this event should have taken place in Solsona (Spain) – in the CTFC facilities - but due to COVID-19 restrictions, it was online instead. So, the scheduled Field Trip to the Case Study Region in  Catalonia -Pinus nigra forests management and harvesting operations- could not take place. However, CTFC partners showed this pilot virtually.


Paper: “The Value of Hybrid Aspen Coppice Investment: A Case Study of Estonia”

Our partners from the Estonian University of Life Sciences and the University of Tartu have published, as part of the ONEforest project, the open-access scientific publication “The Value of Hybrid Aspen Coppice Investment under Different Discount Rate, Price and Management Scenarios: A Case Study of Estonia”.

Hybrid aspen is one of the most promising tree species for short-rotation forestry in Northern Europe. After the clearcutting of hybrid aspen plantation, the next generation arises from root and stump sprouts. The economic feasibility of different management strategies of hybrid aspen coppice stands has not yet been comprehensively evaluated in Northern Europe.


Virtual Kick Off Meeting of ONEforest project   

Between 17-18 of June, the ONEforest consortium officially started its activities with a General Assembly hosted by Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences (Germany) in a virtual Kick-Off Meeting.

The opening session counted with the welcome of the Research Executive Agency’s Head of Unit, Francisco Javier Peinado Lebrerom, and the European Project Officer, Nicolas Faivre.

In total, experts from the 19 European entities participating in this international research effort met during two days in different virtual sessions in order to define the demonstration activities that will be run by the project during the next three years.


Launch of the ONEforest project for a common forest management 

The Horizon project ONEforest - Multi-criteria decision support system for common forest management to strengthen forest resilience, harmonise stakeholder interests and ensure sustainable wood flows - has officially started on 1st June 2021. The project duration is set for 3 years and will end in June 2024. The project has an overall budget of around €5.2 million and consists of 19 partners in 8 countries throughout Europe. ONEforest will be led by Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences (Germany).