Celebrating ONEforest Innovations on International Day of Forests 2024

Innovation and technology have ushered in a new era of forest monitoring and management, empowering nations to more effectively track and report on their forests' health and dynamics. However, addressing the diverse challenges across regions and incorporating the voices of various stakeholders requires continuous advancements in technology.


Enhancing Mediterranean Forests: Close-to-Nature Management's Impact on Growth and Moisture


Exploring the Hemiboreal Forest Region in Estonia

From September 5th to 6th, the ONEforest consortium convened for its General Assembly, a gathering brimming with insights and collaborations, held in the picturesque city of Tartu, Estonia. This event was hosted by the Estonian University of Life Sciences.

The first day of the assembly was marked by a series of dynamic workshops, where we collectively crafted forest governance scenarios and initiated the formulation of crucial policy recommendations. Our efforts were focused on various key areas, including Forest Management, Wood Production, Forest Operations, Assessment of Policy, and Stakeholder Demands, all bolstered by a comprehensive Multi-criteria Decision Support framework.


Fourth webinar of the "Exploring Forest Resilience" 

Join us for the fourth "Exploring Forest Resilience" webinar series. In this enlightening session, Janine Bösing, a distinguished member of the Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences, will delve into the fascinating realm of "Top Soil Cover Engineering – Optimization and Characterization."

These remarkable webinars stem from the collaborative efforts of the ONEforest & RESONATE projects. Embodying the spirit of open science, this initiative serves as a beacon for knowledge dissemination and researcher connectivity. Engaging in each webinar, experts from both projects will present succinct pitches that shed light on their pioneering research endeavors.


Determining wood quality at each case study 

At ONEforest, we are dedicated to promoting the sustainable development and protective function of mountain forests amidst the challenges posed by climate change and disturbances. As part of our ongoing efforts, we are conducting comprehensive studies to determine wood quality at each case study site, ensuring the resilience and longevity of these valuable ecosystems.

Currently, our partners from the Biotechnical Faculty, specifically the Department of Wood Science and Technology at the University of Ljubljana, are at the forefront of research. They are exploring the future influence of climate change on wood properties, utilizing a multi-faceted approach to assess wood quality and its potential changes.


Third webinar of the "Exploring Forest Resilience" 

In this webinar Javier de Dios from CESEFOR presents "Enhancing Forest production through water stress amelioration in European Black Pine forests".

These webinar series are organised by ONEforest & RESONATE projects, which is an open science initiative to share knowledge and connect researchers. In each webinar researchers of both projects will give a pitch focused on their own research. 

Watch the webinar #3 here: https://youtu.be/Z6FhpAamsoE?t=209


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Have you ever realised how our health is connected to the forest’s health?  

Forests give us so much to our health. They purify the water, clean the air, capture carbon to fight climate change, provide food and life-saving medicines, and improve our well-being.


ONEforest tool presented at the 5th Forest Innovation Workshop

Our colleague Martin Brunsmeier (from Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences) presented ONEforest at the 5th Edition of the Forest Innovation Workshop “The role of innovation in managing new challenges in the forest-based sector at the regional level in the EU” in Brussels.


ONEforest 2022 recap

Find out the progress of ONEforest throughout this year in the special issue that we have launched in the newsletter.

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Second webinar of the "Exploring Forest Resilience" 

In this webinar, Alessandro Sorze (University of Trento, Italy) presents "Novel Biodegradable Hydrogel Composites to Promote Plant Growth and Forest Protection" as part of ONEforest project research. 

These webinar series are organised by ONEforest & RESONATE projects h, which is an open science initiative to share knowledge and connect researchers. In each webinar researchers of both projects will give a pitch focused on their own research. 

Watch the webinar #2 here: https://youtu.be/8cTQAh1RHbE