CESEFOR participates in the next webinar Exploring Forest Resilience

Next May 12 at 10:30 CEST, ONEforest and RESONATE hosted its webinar  "Exploring Forest Resilience". This time, as part of the ONEforest research, our partner Javier de Dios Garcia from CESEFOR participates with the talk "Enhancing Forest production through water stress amelioration in European Black Pine forests".

These webinar series are part of an open science initiative by ONEforest and RESONATE to share knowledge and connect researchers. In each webinar, researchers from both projects present a pitch focused on their own research.


International Day of Forests 2023, United Nations, Forest resilience, Forest Managment, EU forests

Have you ever realised how our health is connected to the forest’s health?  

Forests give us so much to our health. They purify the water, clean the air, capture carbon to fight climate change, provide food and life-saving medicines, and improve our well-being.


ONEforest met in Göttingen

Between 27th  February and 1st March, the ONEforest consortium celebrated its 1st General Assembly of 2023 hosted by our partner University of Göttingen (Germany).


ONEforest tool presented at the 5th Forest Innovation Workshop

Our colleague Martin Brunsmeier (from Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences) presented ONEforest at the 5th Edition of the Forest Innovation Workshop “The role of innovation in managing new challenges in the forest-based sector at the regional level in the EU” in Brussels.


ONEforest presents innovations at the 5th Edition of the Forest Innovation Workshop

On 18 January, ONEforest participates in the 5th Edition of the Forest Innovation Workshop “The role of innovation in managing new challenges in the forest-based sector at regional level in the EU” in Brussels.


New paper: "optimLanduse: A package for multiobjective land-cover composition optimization under uncertainty"

How to simultaneously combat biodiversity loss and maintain ecosystem functioning while improving human welfare remains an open question. Optimization approaches have proven helpful in revealing the trade-offs between multiple functions and goals provided by land-cover configurations. The "R package optim- Landuse" provides tools for easy and systematic applications of the robust multiobjective land cover. 


ONEforest 2022 recap

Find out the progress of ONEforest throughout this year in the special issue that we have launched in the newsletter.

Read it here


Work in progress by CTFC (video)
Within the ONEforest project, CTFC (Centre de Ciència i Tecnologia Forestal de Catalunya) partner is leading a study that aimed at elucidating the effects of different management options on forest drought stress and water balance in several Pinus nigra forests located in Spain, Italy, & Slovenia. CTFC has prepared the protocols & work plan for the study, including the pairing of plots with different forest typologies: young, adult, and mature forests, and uneven forests. We have visited selected paired plots in Catalonia to take soil and wood core samples. 

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/HmgovprYNRs



ONEforest Case Study Regions on a good track

The success of future silvicultural management and forest operations depends on an exchange of experiences and activation of knowledge between the different regions, and that is why in ONEforest we work in four regions - following Europe’s biogeographical regions, which are Mediterranean forests, Alpine forests, Continental forests and Boreal/ Hemi-boreal forests. Through them, the project studies forest ecosystem services and their corresponding value to stakeholders. Let's find out the current status of these Case Study Regions (CSRs) after the first year of the project.  


Status of the Multi-Criteria Decision Support System

ONEforest is developing a Multi-Criteria Decision Support System (MCDSS) based on methods from operations research, for direct and immediate use by stakeholders.