Fourth webinar of the "Exploring Forest Resilience" 

Join us for the fourth "Exploring Forest Resilience" webinar series. In this enlightening session, Janine Bösing, a distinguished member of the Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences, will delve into the fascinating realm of "Top Soil Cover Engineering – Optimization and Characterization."

These remarkable webinars stem from the collaborative efforts of the ONEforest & RESONATE projects. Embodying the spirit of open science, this initiative serves as a beacon for knowledge dissemination and researcher connectivity. Engaging in each webinar, experts from both projects will present succinct pitches that shed light on their pioneering research endeavors.


Determining wood quality at each case study 

At ONEforest, we are dedicated to promoting the sustainable development and protective function of mountain forests amidst the challenges posed by climate change and disturbances. As part of our ongoing efforts, we are conducting comprehensive studies to determine wood quality at each case study site, ensuring the resilience and longevity of these valuable ecosystems.

Currently, our partners from the Biotechnical Faculty, specifically the Department of Wood Science and Technology at the University of Ljubljana, are at the forefront of research. They are exploring the future influence of climate change on wood properties, utilizing a multi-faceted approach to assess wood quality and its potential changes.


Exploring the Impact of Forest Management on Soil Fungal Biodiversity in Mediterranean Forests

Our latest study, performed by CESEFOR and CTFC, aims to assess the effect of forest management on soil fungal species and their relative abundances in Mediterranean black pine forests (Pinus nigra). This research holds immense value in understanding the potential impact of forest management practices on the biodiversity of soil fungi, including both edible fungi and mycorrhizal fungi crucial for forest water balance.


Third webinar of the "Exploring Forest Resilience" 

In this webinar Javier de Dios from CESEFOR presents "Enhancing Forest production through water stress amelioration in European Black Pine forests".

These webinar series are organised by ONEforest & RESONATE projects, which is an open science initiative to share knowledge and connect researchers. In each webinar researchers of both projects will give a pitch focused on their own research. 

Watch the webinar #3 here: https://youtu.be/Z6FhpAamsoE?t=209


Newsletter #4 is available

The latest ONEforest project newsletter issue 4 is out and ready for your reading pleasure!

Discover the captivating connection between human health and the well-being of our forests, as our newsletter takes you on a deep dive into this fascinating topic. Explore the remarkable advancements made in our Mediterranean Pilot project, where groundbreaking research is shaping the future of sustainable forestry.


Evaluating Forest Fire and Drought Risk by CESEFOR

As citizens, it's important  to understand the challenges our forests face and the efforts being made to mitigate them. In this post, we dive into the remarkable work conducted by CESEFOR as part of the ONEforest project. Their research focuses on assessing forest vulnerability to fires and droughts, shedding light on crucial indicators and vulnerability maps. Let's explore their findings and their potential impact on our forests.


ONEforest study reveals positive impacts on tree growth and soil moisture in Catalonia's mixed forests

In response to the escalating frequency of drought events, ONEforest researchers have been investigating innovative approaches to enhance forest adaptability while safeguarding vital resources like soil moisture. A recent study titled "Close-to-nature management effects on tree growth and soil moisture in Mediterranean mixed forests," conducted by researchers from  CTFC and CESEFOR, sheds light on the potential of close-to-nature forest management to promote resilient ecosystems.


Revealing the Influence of Top-Soil-Cover on Slope Stability and Erosion: Insights from the ONEforest Master's Thesis

In her Master's Thesis, titled "Investigation of the impact of a Top-Soil-Cover on the erosion characteristics and the stabilisation potential on slopes and forest soils," Stefanie Radinger, a colleague from the Graz University of Technology, delved into the significance of the ONEforest project.


Unveiling the Role of Tomato Planting in the ONEforest Project

Yes, you read correctly. We are indeed planting tomatoes in ONEforest.

Our partners at the University of Trento's Polymer and Composites Laboratory have initiated an exciting new research endeavor as part of the ONEforest project, focusing on the investigation of topsoil cover. Specifically, they have chosen to conduct experiments using tomato plants. The primary objective is to explore the impact of their newly developed bio-based products on plant growth in agricultural applications.


Significant Advances Made in the Mediterranean Pilot 

The ONEforest team dedicated to "Silviculture and management of Mediterranean forests" recently conducted its 8th formal meeting to discuss the overall progress of tasks and deliverables, as well as the work plan for the upcoming weeks.