Paper: Timber strength variation due to establishment density — can grading cope with it?

Our partners from the Technical University of Munich have published the scientific publication (non-open access) “Timber strength variation due to establishment density — can grading cope with it?” in the Forestry Journal.

This paper is connected to the ONEforest work package "Requirements of the stakeholders and societal demands". 


ONEforest presented in North Carolina 

The ONEforest project landed in USA this May. Why? To be presented at the 2022 Short Rotation Woody Crops International Conference in Asheville (North Carolina, USA) by EULS.

Between 2-4 May, Marju Kaivapalu and Reeno Sopp, Ph.D. students from the Estonian University of Life Sciences (EULS), presented respectively “The uptake of heavy metals and their allocation of hybrid aspen plantations on former agricultural lands and a reclaimed Aidu oil shale quarry“ and “Twenty years of short -rotation forestry with silver birch and hybrid aspen in hemiboreal Europe: productivity and soil nutritional status“ as part of the works on Silviculture and management of Boreal Forest.


What does root competition mean and how to take it into account of forestry?

This was the title of the presentation (in Estonian) of the ONEforest at the Conference “Eesti metsandus muutuvas maailmas”, organised by the Estonian Forest Association, which took place on 20 April in Tartu (Estonia). Also, the project was exhibited in a poster exhibition by the Estonian University of Life Sciences (EULS).

Looking at the future of forestry this year’s topic was “Estonian forestry in a changing world”. This presentation was linked with the latest developments in forestry education, new visions in the Estonian forestry and economy, etc.


ONEforest operations and revitalisation in the KWF Thementage event

Between 31 March and 2 April, the University of Freiburg participated in the event KWF Thementage in Jessen (Germany) with the ONEforest exhibition and presentation of the demonstration site planted trees with Soil Conditioner and Top Soil Cover.


Newest results from Sweden presented in Estonian Conference 

On 4 April, ONEforest participated in the Conference "The Future of Forestry in Estonia in Changing Climatic Conditions", organised by the OÜ Eesti Metsataim and Estonian University of Life Sciences, in Tartu (Estonia).

The conference aimed at addressing the future of silviculture in Estonia in the condition of climate changes while giving an overview of new silviculture methods and techniques.


ONEforest Mediterranean sites at the MedForum 2022

Between 21-25 March 2022, ONEforest participated in an oral session and poster exhibition in the MEDForum 2022 as a Side Event of 7th Mediterranean Forest Week in Antalya (Turkey). The theme of this year's event was "How Model Forests can contribute to the development of youth entrepreneurship based on Nature Base Solutions".


ONEforest celebrates the International Day of Forests 2022

Today, 21st March, the world celebrates the International Day of Forests 2022, under the topic “Forests and sustainable production and consumption”, so ONEforest joins this celebration reminding the importance of a common forest management system to strengthen forest resilience and sustainable wood flows.


First General Assembly Meeting in 2022

Between 16 – 17 February the ONEforest consortium hosted the first General Assembly Meeting of 2022 in an online format to discuss the progress and developments carried out so far.  

At first this event should have taken place in Solsona (Spain) – in the CTFC facilities - but due to COVID-19 restrictions, it was online instead. So, the scheduled Field Trip to the Case Study Region in  Catalonia -Pinus nigra forests management and harvesting operations- could not take place. However, CTFC partners showed this pilot virtually.


First milestones in the development of the decision support system

Initial progress was made in the development of the targeted Within the Multi-Criteria Decision Support System (MCDSS). In an exchange with the project partners, a basic mathematical model could be agreed upon.


Biodegradable materials as soil conditioner to favour plant growth

The University of Trento, a partner of ONEforest, is contributing with its experience and knowledge in the field of material science available to develop and produce a biodegradable composite material that is aimed for the protection and sustain of plants. This material should be used as a topsoil coating or a soil conditioner.